Everything about Flyboard Cairns is fast paced and energetic!

The activity of flyboarding is itself an adrenalin rush and one that seems to feed the business owners Chris De Santo and Luke Kanowski.
Their enthusiasm for the business is unmistakable and since launching into the Cairns market two years ago, the team have been active users of social media and digital technologies to share their excitement.
Before participating in the Digital Enterprise Program, Flyboard Cairns used their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus accounts to recount the flyboarding adventures of their passengers. They also backed this up with a website, online booking system and by encouraging visitors to rate their operation on Trip Advisor.
Despite having some experience in marketing, Director Chris De Santo felt that there might be better ways of maximizing this social media activity.
‘The Digital Enterprise Program seemed like a great opportunity to get access to professional, industry expertise that could help us target and evaluate our social media and online presence to make sure we were achieving maximum impact.”
Flyboard Cairns worked with program trainer, Rob Rutten who was able to provide valuable insight into how to analyse their web traffic and social media activity more effectively.

How did the DEP help you?

Chris said, “We have a much better understanding of how to read the relevant analytics for our website and other media and how to evaluate and justify investment in SEO and other digital activities.
“We are about to launch a new website as a result of our work with Rob that we are confident will boost our rankings and engage and convert more traffic than our existing site.”
Rob was able to help Flyboard Cairns better understand the implications of their social media and digital decisions and how they could perform at optimized levels. Suggestions included, for example, using a blog to populate some social media posts rather than just generating social media and not maintaining activity on the website.
The value of the free four hour consultation has definitely been measureable to the business, even one with such an established digital presence, and the team will definitely consider contracting professional assistance in managing their digital assets in the future.