Karma Waters Station is a 45000 hectare property located 200km North West of Cairns on the northern side of the Mitchell River.
The station has been operating as a cattle farm successfully for 20 years.
Over that time, the Station has also become a popular destination for campers from Cairns and around the region. Until recently, recommendations from campers have just been passed via word of mouth and station owners, Alan and Karen Pedersen have had to deal with all queries by phone or email.
Therefore when Karen heard about the Digital Enterprise Program through the Mareeba Chamber of Commerce, she thought this might be a great opportunity to get assistance in building a website.
“We weren’t looking for anything too complicated, just a really something that would give us an online presence and would provide information about the area and about visiting us,” said Karen.
Having travelled all the way to Cairns for the information session, Karen and Alan signed up to participate in the program which entitled them to four hours free consultancy with a digital expert.
“We were really pleased when we discovered that our trainer, James Leech, could work with us by phone and email given our remote location.”
Karen prepared all content for the website and then worked remotely with James to build the site before meeting face to face for training.
“James used the allocation of hours really well given what we were after and where we are based and once the site was built, we still had about one and a half hours left for face to face training in Mareeba. This training was essential to make me feel confident in updating the site on my own.”
The Pedersens are pleased with the website and the results it is bringing.
“While the main objective wasn’t necessarily to increase bookings at the station, this area of the business has definitely grown since the website went live,” said Karen
“It has definitely made running the business a lot simpler as most of the information that people need is now online.”
More importantly Karen also feels that the website is helping to foster a better understanding of country versus city cultures. “It helps visitors recognise that the station is an operating business and that much of what is done in the country supports live in the city,” she continued.
The Digital Enterprise Program was definitely worthwhile for Karma Waters who are also considering launching sponsorship opportunities on the site for local businesses.