At Lulubelles clothing and accessories store in Edge Hill, owner Beck Child wants you to feel welcomed and comfortable.

She loves people and loves fashion and likes to welcome her customers warmly as friends.
Therefore, communicating with her customers via social media makes perfect sense; the informal nature of this medium allows her to continue the conversation and develop relationships with her shoppers.
Beck freely admits that while she is great at many areas of her business, technology is not her strong point.

“Prior to working with Dive Into Digital, I had a Facebook page but didn’t really understand how to use it or even why I should use it. I didn’t even have my work email address set up."

“So it was great to work with Phil and have some expert help in getting things set up. Not only did he get my email working, he also helped me understand the value and potential of Facebook as a marketing tool.”
As a result of working with the program. Beck feels more confident in her communications and has a sense of purpose in moving the business forward.
While she acknowledges that she has a long way to go, the sense of direction that this expert input into her business has been invaluable.

Beck can already see other ways in which the introduction of technology and digital processes could help other areas of her business, particularly in communicating sale messages to customers.
Thanks to her experience with the DEP program, she knows that the best way to approach this is to source expert help and she has the confidence to do so.