Nikola Wilkie is interested in people and in helping them find and live a healthy lifestyle. From 30 years’ experience as a Naturopath, Nikola says she has gained a deep understanding of how our choices, our environment and our attitude can play major roles in our demise and our recovery to a happy and healthy life.

Nikola’s approach is to treat the base cause of an issue while focusing on using the tools that nature has given us.

While this intuitive journey to healing comes naturally to Nikola, technology does not and she has struggled for some time to successfully integrate digital technologies into the business.
Therefore, when she heard about the Digital Enterprise Program from another participant, she could see great potential benefit.
For Nikola, the most important use for technology was for effective communication. She wanted to find new and improved ways of communicating with her patients and keeping the conversation going.
Nikola said, “As I am trying to expand my business into new areas, getting messages, ideas and advice out there is even more important. But I knew that I didn’t just want to post meaningless status updates. I wanted to provide interesting stories and ideas that might inspire of help those struggling to make lifestyle changes that will benefit their health.”
The first step of the answer for Nikola lay in Facebook. Although she had a Facebook page, it was not set up as a business page and Nikola did not feel entirely comfortable with the principles of social media.
As a result of working with DEP trainer Michele however, and with the assistance of a colleague, Nikola now has a regular posting regime, sharing Tuesday Testimonials and Wednesday Wisdom on a weekly basis. She has built to an audience of 280 and her stories are read with interest and often receive comments from readers.
The other main form of communication with clients has also been refined thanks to the Digital Enterprise Program.
“I used to print 400 double sided A4 sheets of paper, fold each one by hand, stuff them in envelopes, stamp and post them. It was an arduous process that meant I sent a newsletter out once or twice a year rather than once a month as I had originally intended,” said Nikola.
Now Nikola uses Mailchimp to send out more regular newsletters and is finding this a great way of communicating and promoting the new areas of her business.
“I am moving to spend less time in a consulting room and more time out there educating and helping people and through the Mailchimp emails, I can promote information sessions that I might be holding in the region and other events that will help transform people’s health.”