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Our information sessions are based on topics from the Digital Business website:

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Industry specific help

How do I...

Get started

Use social media

Get on Google Places for Business and local directories

Learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide - from Google (or see this Quick one-pager from Google!)

Create a website

Start a blog

Create and run a Forum

Get social - forums and discussion groups to join

Create an email newsletter

Find, create and use images

  • Find free images and share your own at Pixabay

Use a password manager

Learn about security and legal issues; stay safe online

Other useful stuff

  • Light Image Resizer - just want to quickly resize an image? Install this nifty little program to simply 'right-click' on an image and make it whatever size you need
  • Online image editor - or just use Paint which is already on your computer (or Gimp if you're keen to do higher level image manipulation - not for the fainthearted!)
  • Create your own QRcodes - things you can scan to send your customers or volunteers to your website, facebook page etc. There are many other uses too. they are easy to create, free and you can print them off and display them on your tables or counter for people to scan with their smartphones. They'll need a barcode scanning app but fortunately many people have them, they're free and readily downloadable from the App store or Google Play.

Top Sites to check out today

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