Thanks to all our fabulous training participants; it really is inspiring to talk to them as they dive into digital! It is also sobering to realise how much hard work our small/medium business folk put in, as well as the tireless volunteers in community organisations pursuing their passions and changing the world.

We thank them for allowing us to share their feedback with the world and hope it will inspire you to make the most of getting online!


"Michele Dale was a knowledgeable, patient teacher. I feel confident in using the tools taught to create a vastly improved end product, & market my business effectively & professionally. Looking forward to learning more & streamlining my IT systems. Thanks!" (Dianne Pollard, Align Therapies, Cairns June 2015)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training session, and have left with a much higher level of understanding the cyber world. There will always been more to learn but I know have all my social media accounts under control." (Emma Gelling, Studio 78 Hair, Cairns June 2015)

"Very informative Rob Rutten - would really appreciate more sessions as I always learn loads of new tips and skills." Dianne Pollard, Align Therapies, Cairns, May 2015

"Presenter Rob Rutten very clear, concise and entertaining. And knowledgeable!" Robyn Falvo, Brilliant Money Solutions, Cairns, May 2015

"Great workshop. Very informative. Thankyou" Jenna Court, Power National, Cairns May, 2015

“ Thankyou for the tips and links to the various sections of the workshop you covered
- productivity
- communications
- admin, business intelligence, markets and especially the security and backups” Dulcie Pensio, Cairns PCYC, May 2015

"The best four hours ever spend as a one on one training session. Sue Wickes was not only delightful but extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of social media and computer analytics. Her assistance today was positive and most rewarding." Maf Burke, Tony's Tropical Tours, Port Douglas, April 2015

"Many internet and social media functions were covered, and Michele Dale is competent in her field of expertise. The training targeted information that was relevant to me and my business/personal objectives. This program is of great value. Thank you." Erica West, Rainbow-Catcher Foundation, Cairns, April 2015  

"Sue Wickes' mentoring session has been invaluable. Sue is very thorough and professional and also very patient and accepting of our limitations. I feel much more confident in finalizing our website now, and enhancing our business through an online presence." Liz Stringer, Spring Creek Rare and Tropical, Mareeba, April 2015

"I found the one to one session with Sue Wickes very valuable as we were able to cover more specific needs of my business." Janette Walker, Jungle Road Clothing, Port Douglas, April 2015 

"Great session, thank you Michele Dale. We covered so many areas I'm looking forward to delving deeper and putting some plans into place. Who knew there was so much stuff out there? Thanks again." Jan Godfrey, Stannary Hills Organic Produce, Mareeba, April 2015

"The session Sue Wickes ran for us was very useful and provided us with good tools and tips on how to better manage our site and web presence Thank you regards Bretto and Team." Brett Wright, Windswell, Port Douglas, April 2015 

"Sue Wickes provided many insights into my online presence. I also have plenty of extra information now, thanks to her, that will help create a bigger audience online. I found the training very interesting and the time with her just flew." Kate Richards, Adventure Mumma, Cairns, April 2015

"Excellent communicator Michele Dale and so many great ideas! One-on-one is definitely the way to go. Just so handy having someone sitting with you, guiding you and giving instant feedback. Have gained so much confidence in using social media." Carolyn Emslie, Friends of the library, April 2015 

"As a business we knew we needed to increase our online presence but didn't know how. We're now on Facebook and LinkedIn and have E newsletters. I cannot believe how simple it can all be once you know how. Thanks Michele Dale for your expertise." Dione Duncan, Duesburys Accountants &Advisors, Mareeba, April 2015 

"Very informative...would really appreciate more sessions as I always learn loads of new tips and skills." Diane Pollard, Align Therapies, Cairns June 2015

"I received a very informative and interesting session, mainly devoted to improving our Garden Club website and some very helpful assistance in maintaining our online presence. I appreciate the opportunity to receive this one on one tuition." Participant, Cairns 2015.

"Sue Wickes was AWESOME! She identified my obstacles and gave effective strategies to implement imediately. She has helped me take my businesss to a whole new level in only 4 hours!! Would love further training from her as this has only just whetted my appetite." Participant, Cairns 2015.

"Very informative and helpful, we set up Facebook, a website and e newsletter. We are feeling much more confident and feel this will really help our business, a valuable session. Michele Dale has a relaxed and engaging manner which makes learning easy." Participant, Cairns 2015.

“In the 4 hours I had to set up my Facebook Business page with Michele Dale I can say that it has been clearly explained and my understanding of all aspects of having a facebook business page will further enhance my sales and promote my Jewellery...Your patience & well-explained tutoring was the best. I'm feeling very confident 2015 will be an exceptional year for LynaMay Creations!” Caroline Cameron, LynaMay Creations, Babinda January 2015.

“James Leech was terrific, he was prepared to tailor the information to our needs and what we wanted. We have made changes to our business, connecting to social media. There wasn't a question he couldn't answer.” Bernadette Doig, Kidscape Yungaburra Childcare Centre December 2014.

“Rob Rutten was a great trainer, very knowledgeable and personable and stayed longer than our allotted session.” Jo Clark, Bustard Downs, December 2014

“Phil Wolter was great 10/10 for the service, he was also very happy to followup later. Very personalized - made it very easy.” Beck Child, Lulubelles Cairns, Oct 2014

“Want more training please. Fantastic workshop. Very practical and applicable to my business and growth. Thankyou, can't wait to implement it.” - Leeandra Norman, Love-lee Cooking, Mareeba 2014

“James Leech was really good, I like that he tailored the session to our industry. Jess Fealy, Blue Sky Produce October 2014

“Phil Wolter was very easy to understand, put things in simple terms. Really enjoying the group training sessions, getting a lot out of them and now know how to improve our website. I intend to continue and will get professional help in future.” Cait Pearson, Cairns Luxury Coaches, October 2014

“The training session was very enjoyable and I learnt lots.” Carole Crumlin, Feng Shui Art of Alignment Cairns, Oct 2014

“Rob Rutten was fantastic on a personal and professional level; I am a tech head anyway but Rob had a wide grasp and knowledge and opened my eyes to a couple of services I didn't know were there. I would definitely like to continue with professional assistance.” Chris De Santo, Cairns Flyboarding, October 2014

"Rob Rutten was excellent and I was very impressed; I've been to a few of these types of things and I just wanted the session to go longer. Great to have that individual time so you don't have to ask questions in front of everyone.” Tammy Angel, Cairns Sharehouse October 2014

"Great information, wonderful session. Ideally suited to my needs. Thankyou Michele Dale." Jan Godfrey, Stannary Hills Organic Produce, Mareeba, October 2014

"Very good overview of basic website. Made it inspiring to try templates out." Participant, Mareeba October 2014

“Informative on a level that can be understood without feeling out of one’s depth! Great starting point to further utilize online tools.” Annette Hanigan, North Queensland Arboricultural Services Pty Ltd Gordonvale October 2014

“Was very helpful and informative. tailor the internet tools to best help me with my business.” Ann Atkinson, Jim’s Bookkeeping Tropics, October 2014 

“Sue Wickes' help was invaluable to me in getting a website created for our business, something I have been putting off for a long time, and just needed help to get started and get me pointed in the right direction! Very worthwhile 4 hours!” Kate Parker, Owner, Palm Tree Caravan Park, Ingham October 2014 

“Very well presented, clear and concise” - Linda Irvine, Music 4 all October 2014

“Fantastic speaker. Influential and fluent yet not overly complex. Friendly+ recommended” Andy Pressley, Ayawaken, October 2014

“This was a very educational + inspiring bringing more clarity to social media, mostly Facebook. Would like to know more about Twitter + Instagram” Sally Fitzgerald, Ayawaken October 2014

“Excellent session! Cleared up many issues especially about Facebook!” Moya Stevens, Banksia research and marketing, October 2014

“Good to have some training locally. Many thanks" Jill Bradley, Douglas Shire Community Services Association, October 2014

“Very good and cold be longer to cover more in depth or a part 2 session” Graeme Stringer, New Horizons Dental, October 2014

“very informative – it answered my questions and got rid of the mystery” Rick Stoker, self-employed writer, October 2014

“Yes I would like to receive some mentioning. Fantastic explanation for it in plain language so well done.” Participant, October 2014

 Very professionally and methodically organised. Excellent to see collaboration between various stakeholders to create these Dive into Digital events. Would like to create events for Dimbulah, Georgetown and Lakeland regions. Marketing would also be good. Participant, Mareeba 2014

 "Great information about online training courses. Enjoyed “hearing about the benefits of Evernote, feel more confident with “cloud” technology.” Participant, September 2014

"My session was fantastic I learnt so much and gained so much more confidence. I really feel I have a better understanding of getting my company online...I find these sessions are of enormous benefit. I have learnt so much and have used the information to grow my business online. There is still so much to learn” Dorothy Gourlay, INDIGO Chic, Gordonvale September 2014

As an aged employer/Principal one often does not have the time for a 1-1 approach for personal training. I was certainly pleased with the knowledge & patience of the trainer Sue Wickes. A job well done. Felix Reitano, Felix Reitano Real Estate September 2014

Very informative and helpful. Christine Hill, Chair Ravenshoe-Gulf Country Community Bank, Ravenshoe September 2014

I would like to thank Michele Dale, trainer very much for travelling all the way out to Georgetown to present to the grazing industry folk. There was not one single person that I spoke to that didn’t give me positive feedback on your talk and, as you would have been well aware, I certainly made it my job to personally communicate with every single participant during the two days.  In fact, I believe your presentation was just what we needed on the program because of the predominantly very challenging and heavy topics that other presenters had to deliver to the grazing industry folk. Your topic provided them with some insight into how they can promote any other alternative revenue streams they may consider, via social media etc. Annie Cork, Small Business Officer, Gulf Savannah Development Inc, Georgetown September 2014.

The seminar was really helpful and clear and took away some of my fear to develop my website. Trudy Meertens, Tour Guide, Cairns August 2014

Free mentoring consultation please! Excellent overview on getting online - presenter was engaging, knew his stuff and would have loved another hour or 2 - not bored at all. Really good. Can you do a series?? Cairns Sharehouse, August 2014

Thankyou Rob [Rob Rutten, trainer]. Made it very interesting and fun - need to learn more! Self Healing with Robyn, Cairns August 2014 

Great presenter, fun slides Kuranda CoHousing, Cairns August 2014 

“Thanks for a very informative morning.  I picked up some wonderful tips and have put them to use on the Museums Facebook page and another page I am Admin for in Gordonvale. :-  Brenda, enjoyed the morning also and loved all the information you provided, I think she is very excited to get stuck into the website.” Wendy Creek, Mulgrave Settlers Museum, Gordonvale July 2014.

“Just wanted to say thanks to Rob and Michele for the awesome opportunity to work with a such a great IT specialist on our website. We have learnt so much in the 4 hours. It has given us 6 months of work to make our website more user and google friendly. Thanks” Facebook post, Social Skills Resources, Mission Beach July 2014

Very helpful, informative. Alan Richards, Town and Country Ag Services, Gordonvale June 2014

Very entertaining and well presented. Good content and information. Tellena Hill, North Queensland Western Performance Horse Club, Gordonvale June 2014

Very informative session on a level that one could grasp. Great to see session offered locally for small business. Ken and Annette Hanigan, North Queensland Arboricultural Services Pty Ltd, Gordonvale, June 2014

I learnt so much. Michele is an enthusiastic and interesting presenter. An excellent presentation. Thankyou. Enjoyed Tanya's presentation about the local community Apps too. Sal Goeldner, Gordonvale Community Focus Group, June 2014

Hugely appreciated - hope we get more of these sessions in our community. Participant, Gordonvale, June 2014

Thankyou...from being "social media" illiterate, I now speak Facebook pidgin. Nicola Millen, Gordonvale Community Hub, June 2014

Michele Dale left me wanting to know so much more...I couldn't wait to get back to work and try some of her suggestions.  Sophie Quadrio, Atherton Supa IGA, Atherton June 2014

“Thank you so much for coming to help me yesterday: my head was swimming with ideas after you left and I can’t wait for the week-end to start putting some into action!”  Annette Gaborit, Alliance Francaise de Cairns

“Informative and very helpful in setting up and consolidating my current internet requirements. I was given lots of new and relevant information that I am able to use immediately as well as given the confidence to expand some of that knowledge.” Eve Hopp, Keeven Pty Ltd, Bramston Beach.

“Totally changed our thinking about the website then completely revamped our systems as a result of Phil's visit. I thought he personally was really great, very personable and able to explain things in laymens terms. I felt he gave more than was expected.” Virginia Carr Mareeba District Flexi Support Association, Mareeba May 2014

“Enlightening - have been resisting the pressures of facebook but it is now inevitable” Valerie Keenan, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, Cardwell, April 2014

“Michele Dale gave an incredible presentation. Excellent.” Pam Bigelow, Indigenous Art Centres Alliance, Cairns, April 2014

"Lots of useful information. I use Facebook but did not realise the full potential of using FB to promote art." Participant, Weipa, April 2014

"The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and I found most of the information very interesting and helpful in regard to my potential online activities." Participant, March 2014

"Rob Rutten was good. Took a lot of the worry and complexities out of e-commerce. Thank you!" Participant, March 2014

"Rob Rutten was great, very knowledgeable." eCommerce session participant, March 2014

“I'm still catching my breath and am thrilled with what you (Michele Dale) managed to share with me..I can’t believe I'm getting the independence to be able to edit my own website. What a relief. I really value the tips you've reminded me of too...a huge thank you for all you shared so simply, precisely and with such a relaxed manner. I enjoyed your company and your training style immensely” - Michele Goeldi, Tropical Inventors Hub, Cairns

“Great food for thought, as we are developing our business now. So great ideas to start business in a strong online manner” - Sonja Briody, Cairns

“Michele Dale was a very good presenter. She gave plenty of real-world examples. Very knowledgable and great sense of humour! Great grounding for us older-crowd!” - Sarah Wood, Sarah-Jane Wood Training and Consulting, Cairns

“I really enjoyed the session. A lot of information that gave me a great overview of what was available online and how it’s used”. - Josie Tarjan, Cradle Lane, Aloomba

“The info Michele Dale talked was very helpful. Michele showed how to set up a website “unreal” fantastic well done. You have just opened a whole new way to set up a new website - thankyou”. Gene Pratt, Mitch the Muso, Cairns

"Another great workshop! Michele Dale knows her “stuff” and makes it look so easy; excellent presentation; clear and descriptive explanations. Michele’s manner inspires and enthuses participants.” - Robyn George, The Friendship Force, Cairns

“The session was fabulous and answered many, many questions I had. I have started on Facebook and I will work slowly but progressively. I know it will be really good for my business. The training session helped resolve much of the fear I have with social media and I am beginning to see how I can use it to my advantage.” - Nikola Wilkie, Gordonvale Naturopathic Clinic

“Very helpful and was good that it was onsite because hard to leave the shop. Makes a difference who does it, appreciated Michele Dale's help.” - Sonia Cavallaro, Kitchen Essentials, Tully

“Michele Dale was an excellent tutor, and very helpful in outlining digital trends and how best to use them for our business.” - Jan Pope, Bella Vista Cottage, Mirriwinni

“Many thanks for the help you gave me. I learned a lot in a short time and now I feel much more confident to maintain our business online presence.” “I was shown how to set up a website for our business. It was very helpful training and I couldn't have done it otherwise. I am very grateful for this assistance. my trainer, Michele Dale was professional and very competent. She was friendly and patient” - Robyn Brewer, Aardvark Autos, Cairns

“Trainer Michele Dale provided me with exceptional one on one training in the areas of social media that my business was lacking. I would not hesitate to recommend Michele to any business for such training and undertake further training myself if available” - Dianne Mauloni, Aussie Farm Entertainment, Mena Creek

“I enjoyed working with Michele Dale. The information and training she provided was very helpful and her knowledge was quite broad.“ - Margaret Powell, Catch’n’Release, Cairns

“Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful help today. Great day...I also really profited from your work with me on my business, Malanda North. I feel I was given pragmatic and useful advice. Your willingness to work with us to create better e-strategies was just so refreshing and so helpful. “ - Christine Doan, Malanda North, Malanda