Teleworking refers to the use of technology to allow people to work away from the office. For example, holding a meeting using video chat. As such, teleworking uses online tools like email, instant messaging, VoIP and video conference.

Further information about 'Tools for Teleworking' can be found here:

Start here and follow the links - from the Department of Communications' Digital Business website - Your guide to getting online. 

Telework kit- Using the Telework Kit and other resources, participants will learn about telework as part of the flexible workplace of the future. They will learn how telework can transform how and where we work and how that transformation is part of the wider transition to a more robust digital economy. Participants will work with various learning tools to understand how telework might provide a competitive advantage and change their social, corporate and workplace environment.

The Telework Training Program - is intended for facilitators, staff developers and workshop planners who conduct professional staff development. The Program includes three workshops which aim to support the provision of information, guidance and training on successfully implementing telework, and which each have a specific focus—to provide an overview of telework, managing telework, and successful teleworking respectively. 

Telework a new way to work from the Department of Communications. This website aims to provide employers and employees with the information, tools and resources required to successfully take-up and support telework, including "Tools for successful telework"

Telework AustraliaThis site provides an expanding body of resources and information for organisations and individuals considering telework initiatives.

Leading and managing people from anywhere - excellent resources from Vanguard Visions Consulting, including a slide show and access to their online Workplace Health and Safety course.